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Issue #16 (Summer 2017) is here!

Features work by:  Lisa Harris, Tamara Panici, Roberta Senechal de la Roche, Kelsey Ann Kerr, Elizabeth Yalkut, Sophia Kwon, A.M. Bostwick, María Castro Domínguez, Lorraine Henrie Lins, Wendi Dass, Brigette Stevenson, Sanya Bery, L. Mari Harris, Heidi Hemmer, Nikki Macahon, Alice-Catherine Jennings, Samantha Zimbler, Talal Alyan, Heather Humphrey, Rosie McMahan, Natalie Crick, A’rrika Dion, Seth Jani, Guy Traiber, Mariana Samuda, Amy Fant, and Kelsie Qua. Cover Artist: Gregg Chadwick. Purchase the Print Copy here.

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