Guest Post: Excerpt from the Book, “Underwater Music” by Iryna Lialko

Dream of Flute by Iryna Lialko

Dream of Flute by Iryna Lialko

Breath of wind from the sea flows through your mind, you are both the derelict and the pilgrim, wandering through a memory of yesterday’s dream: a mermaid, alone, her tail stung and stripped by salty caustic waves, each one but a sting on her soul, tenderly with her pearlescent hunds draws to her cherry lips a raspy voiced flute. You untwirl her undulating hair within which live murmuring notes.

The ebbing tide has ended and the onrushing water has begun. Oh, you unusual girl, beautiful monster with reddering tail, kiss, kiss your serene flute. Flesh as bright as fire like purple flower bathing in frothy streams, encircled in the waters.

You are the moonlight dressed in fine and fiery scales; but through the fire the slow, dim movement of your pale seablood in seen, each beat of your heart observed, as the dim moonlight washes over the moonfish carrying you on her huge stone back – who is the dreamer and who is the dream?


Iryna Lialko was born in Ukraine in 1981. At 15 years of age she went to the College of Arts and studied painting, graphic design, history of the fine arts, and other disciplines. In 2001, Iryna began working in the sphere of interior design and murals, creating murals in Ukraine, Europe. In 2006 she graduated Ukrainian Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kiev. Iryna has visited and worked in 30 countries, and has participated in art exhibitions and competitions of painting and photography. She is working in large and small graphic and picturesque forms, and since 2014 is working and residing in the United States.

Iryna’s piece LIPS appeared on the cover of Black Fox Issue 12.

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