Rejection Equals Success

This week I received my first rejection of 2014. This may sound odd, but I hope it’s the first of many.

You see, receiving rejections means two very good things. First, my work is out there in the world being read. Okay, maybe it’s not liked. Maybe it’s not quite right for the publication pitched

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The Writer’s Slow Sprint

Last week I wrote about how sleeping better can help to eke out a little more writing time per day. This week, I’ve been thinking about slowing down. I struggle with being realistic sometimes. I want to write a novel now, be the writer I want to be right now—or, even better, yesterday. I set

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Learning to Budget Writing Time

In the UK, January is the month when everyone talks about tightening their belts. Our calendar is geared firmly towards Christmas. The gap between paydays is the longest in January, and the press is focused on budgeting.

This January, I learned a different kind of budgeting. I learned how to budget my energy.

When I

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