Self-Control and the Writer

When Zadie Smith admitted last week that she used Internet-Blocker Self-Control to help her write, it unleashed a large, unsympathetic twitter debate about the merits of using the internet for research while writing. But–and here’s a secret–I use it too. I block ten minutes at a time, write like crazy, and then check my email/Twitter/Facebook/buy

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New Artwork from Dr. Regina Valluzzi

Regina Valluzzi-Queen of the Afternoon

Queen of the Afternoon by Dr. Regina Valluzzi


As a Practicing scientist for several decades, Dr. Regina Valluzzi has always pursued her development as an artist in tandem with her technical achievements. Even while completing double BS degrees at MIT, attaining her PhD in a highly competitive Polymer program and

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Lulls and Peaks

I like to think of myself as a “sort-of writer.” I have a few stories in books, a couple of big pieces that people might have heard of and a small–but much appreciated–circle of social network followers who like my work. But, right now, I’m in a dry spell. I don’t have that much new

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When Writers Falter: How to Find Your Way Back

I wrote a while ago about how writing is a long road, about how we’re in it for the long haul, how dedication and perseverance and stubbornness are traits a writer needs. But now I’d like to talk about the other side of that coin. Long journeys suck. There’s the point halfway to arriving at

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