New Artwork from Sean McCann

SeanMcCann-Maybe Original File

Maybe by Sean McCann

Sean McCann is a writer from upstate New York very much interested and passionate about concepts, poetry and language. He finds it interesting how people often package contradictory words to convey messages, and that is what inspired him to create this piece. The variety

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Rejection: Coping with Disappointment

Artwork: "Maybe" by Sean McCann

Artwork: Maybe by Sean McCann

Last week, I had a particularly horrific interview for a PhD. By the time I’d recovered from the shock of being annihilated by a seemingly friendly academic panel and bought close to my weight in books to console myself, I was left wondering:

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For Writers: Keeping the End in Sight

In case I haven’t mentioned it—and I’m pretty sure I have—I recently finished the first draft of my novel. Until then, I’d found writing easy, lovely, pleasant. Then I spent eighteen months embroiled in a war with my own head about how to get this story out the way I wanted it to sound. But

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Literary Fads

First, there was Twilight, the sparkly vampire phenomenon that seemed to come from nowhere. Now there’s Fifty Shades of Grey, the “erotic” novel that has the nation gripped. Once in a while, these literary fads appear. Which leaves writers like me, writers who have spent years developing voice and style, wondering why it comes so

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Essay: Republic of the Sun by Yelena Dubrovina



Brief Overview of Russian Poetry in Exile

Part I

“First Wave” of Russian Émigré Poetry (1917-1945)

by Yelena Dubrovina


In layman’s language you won’t say as much,

As you’ll express in your poetic language.

Alexander Brisk


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Is Happiness Bad for Your Writing?

I’ve heard many people say that sadness, bad moods and down days help them in their writing. The idea that sad people write beautiful things and that happy people don’t write with depth seems prevalent in some online communities. In these blog posts, I’m often interested in the links between day to day life and

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