How Much Does Genre Matter?

In my first ever writing class, my tutor told me how important it was to know the genre you were writing from inside out. For someone who hadn’t “picked” a genre, and who didn’t want to be tied to just one anyway, it was a little daunting. Now, at the stage where I am looking

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The Long Road

Every journey starts with a single step. Every published book, novel, short story or poem begins with a single word. This week, I finally finished the first draft of my novel. It isn’t the first novel I’ve ever written, but it is the hardest and, so far, the one I’m most proud of.

I know

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How Writers Can Avoid “The Perfect Trap”

In past blog posts I’ve talked about skills, strategies and tips that help in your writing life. A lot of the qualities I’ve focused on–time management, structuring deadlines, dedication and perseverance–are skills that can be transferred to other areas of life and even enhance them. But what happens when qualities that hinder your daily life

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