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You Are a Writer: Dress the Part

Some say you are what you eat, while for others it’s all about what you wear. We can achieve a lot in our fiction by how we dress our characters: clothes can indicate setting, either geographical or historical; can reflect a personality; and a distinctive outfit, or even an accessory, can serve as an aide

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Leveling Up: An Editing Technique

This week I read about a new editing technique called Leveling Up. It actually came from a colleague in teaching who uses it with his class when they do a piece of creative writing. He hands out cards with terms such as adjectives, adverbs, and descriptive phrases. He then asks students to underline good examples

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How to Reach Clarity in Your Writing

For me, the hardest part of a first draft is the middle. I start with a very clear beginning and I know exactly where the story is going. But the drift of space in the middle of the story, the how and why a character gets to where he is going is something that remains

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Rejection Equals Success

This week I received my first rejection of 2014. This may sound odd, but I hope it’s the first of many.

You see, receiving rejections means two very good things. First, my work is out there in the world being read. Okay, maybe it’s not liked. Maybe it’s not quite right for the publication pitched

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The Writer’s Slow Sprint

Last week I wrote about how sleeping better can help to eke out a little more writing time per day. This week, I’ve been thinking about slowing down. I struggle with being realistic sometimes. I want to write a novel now, be the writer I want to be right now—or, even better, yesterday. I set

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Learning to Budget Writing Time

In the UK, January is the month when everyone talks about tightening their belts. Our calendar is geared firmly towards Christmas. The gap between paydays is the longest in January, and the press is focused on budgeting.

This January, I learned a different kind of budgeting. I learned how to budget my energy.

When I

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The Summer Issue (#8) is Here!

BFLM Cover 8

Issue #8 (Summer 2013) is now available!




Features work by: Elizabeth Whittington, Chelsea Reeser, Stephen Williams, Danielle Bordelon, Juliet Niehaus, Michael Badger, Kara Harte, Jack Coey, Arthur Davis, Donna Compton, Ricky Tyrer, Francis Fiordalisi, Gordon Bourgon, Christen Gresham, Elizabeth Sheets, Andres Vaamaonde, Marjorie Brody, Andrea Danowski, Sandra Kolankiewicz, R J

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The 2013 Black Fox Contest


Black Fox Contest Announcement:

Black Fox is pleased to announce its second annual contest. The theme is: Home. We will be choosing one short story, creative non-fiction piece or poem that interprets the theme best. The winner will receive a prize of $100 and publication in our Summer 2014 issue. Writers who

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Black Fox Call for Staff



Black Fox Call for Staff:

With all the changes we’re making to the magazine, we’re in need of a few good people. Please note that Black Fox positions are a labor of love and are therefore unpaid. If interested, email racquel@blackfoxlitmag.com. In the subject line of your email please indicate the position

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Changes to Black Fox


First, we’d like to say that we appreciate the loyalty and the support that our readers and contributors have showed us over the past two years. The magazine could not have been a success without your continued encouragement. We have decided to make a few changes to the magazine,

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